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Camera Bag Accessories

M-ROCK Access
7030 Elastic Belt and Shoulder Strap – MSRP $20.00

The 7030 includes one elastic stability belt and one shoulder strap.
The elastic belt provides stability for the Double Access 4000 & 5000 M-ROCK bags by keeping them close to your body. The elastic belt is for
stability only. For weight support and comfort see Modular Belt 7050 on page 11.

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Use the 7030 shoulder strap together with the shoulder strap included with the 4000 & 5000 Double Access bags to carry them as
backpacks or front harness style. The 7030 elastic belt provides stability. 7030 Elastic Belt and Shoulder Strap

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7050 Modular Belt – MSRP $32.00
The Modular Belt securely attaches to the 4000 & 5000 Double Access camera bags for carrying them as comfortable belt bags. The belt also attached behind the 6000 Triple Access sling-backpacks for stability and support.
Use with one SLR bag and two modular bags or use with 4 modular bags.
7050 Modular Belt – MSRP $35.00    
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7080 Modular Cart – MSRP $62.00

The Modular Cart quickly attaches behind and below SLR bags 5030, 5040, 5060, 5080 and Sling-backpacks 6030 & 6070 turning them into smooth roller bags. The cart collapses down to minimal size for easy storage. It is possible to double stack the cart with two SLR bags or one sling-backpack and one SLR bag.

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